5 Things You Should Know About Perforated Eardrum

perforated eardrum

As you would have known, the eardrum is a thin membrane that can be susceptible to damage, especially when there is an infection or a trauma wound that is caused by an accidental deep insertion into the ear. Medically, a perforated eardrum simply means that there is a hole in the eardrum. Here are five things that you need to know about this ear condition, so that you can seek the right treatment for your child:

Not All Eardrum Perforations Need Invasive Treatment

Well, not all eardrum perforations are equal. When you are dealing with a hole in the eardrum because of an ear infection, sometimes the hole will close by itself after the infection has subsided and the ear fluid has drained itself out. In such cases, all you need is some ear drops and no invasive surgery. However, ear perforations that do not show improvement after three months will warrant a better treatment plan; often one that has to involve a surgical closing of the perforation.

It’s Unusual That an Ear Perforation Will Cause Hearing Loss

As a parent who is always looking out for the welfare of your child, we understand that you will become worried that a perforated eardrum can lead to hearing loss. This is actually very rare that a perforated eardrum will cause such an impact. Usually, eardrum perforations are very small and will not cause any form of hearing loss. However, it’s not impossible either. The good news is as long as the perforated eardrum is fixed, any form of hearing loss will stop too.

Eardrum Perforation Should Be Repaired by an ENT Doctor

Some people think that a General Practitioner will be able to repair a perforate eardrum. This is actually not true; you will need to consult an ENT doctor and let him or her examine your child. Once the diagnosis is made that there is an eardrum perforation and it needs to be fixed, then the ENT doctor will arrange for an eardrum perforation repair surgery (relatively safe) which is conducted under general anesthesia.

The Most Common Method for Repairing a Perforated Eardrum is Tympanoplasty

Although more lengthy than other surgery options, Tympanoplasty is widely used as the method of choice for repairing a perforated eardrum. This procedure involves taking a fascia to patch up the hole in the eardrum. After the surgery, the child will not even notice the scar, as it is usually skillfully hidden from sight by the outer ear.

Patch Myringoplasty is an Alternative to Tympanoplasty

While not as popular as Tympanoplasty, the patch myringoplasty procedure is often regarded as the easiest type of repair for perforated eardrums. Through a procedure of not more than 15 minutes, the ENT doctor will cover up the hole in the eardrum with anything ranging from gelatin to paper to fats. This procedure is only recommended when the perforation is considered extremely small.