spring allergy

How To Spot A Spring Allergy In Your Kids

Posted 14.04.2017 by Admin

Spring is a beautiful season, with warm days and blooming flowers, but it can also cause certain seasonal allergies. As plants release pollen, millions of people, especially children may develop many sneezing and snuffling symptoms. More specifically, a child who has an allergic parent has more chances of developing some of these seasonal allergies. It […]

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hearing anomaly in infants

Do You Suspect That Your Infant Has A Hearing Anomaly?

Posted 29.03.2017 by Admin

Hearing abnormalities in a child can deprive him or her of developing proper speech skills, in spite of not having any defect in the speech organs. This is mainly due to the lack of developing language skills, the precursor of which is hearing.  The initial few years of a new born child is an important […]

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dangers of picking your nose

The Dangers Of Picking Your Nose

Posted 12.03.2017 by Admin

Picking the nose is an act of extracting nasal mucus with fingers and may also involve the subsequent action of mucus ingestion, known as mucophagy. The mucous membranes constantly produce wet mucus that eliminates pathogens flowing through the nasal cavity. Not all mucus stays fluid enough, and the ones closer to the opening is relatively […]

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increased risks of hearing loss due to loud music

Loud Music And The Risks Of Hearing Loss

Posted 27.02.2017 by Admin

Loud music can potentially be very damaging to your ears. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 1.1 billion teenagers face the risks of hearing loss. The frequent listening to loud music using iPods and smartphones using earphones, and the frequent visits to discos and nightclubs where the music is very loud, expose […]

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most common throat problem in kids

What’s The Most Common Throat Problem In Kids?

Posted 10.02.2017 by Admin

It’s easy to guess that sore throat is the most common throat problem that kids often face. Throat problems, especially from sore throat, are the blight of every parent raising young children. Many a times, seeing a child having difficulties in swallowing or due to sore throat can induce panic in any parent. One way […]

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perforated eardrum

5 Things You Should Know About Perforated Eardrum

Posted 27.01.2017 by Admin

As you would have known, the eardrum is a thin membrane that can be susceptible to damage, especially when there is an infection or a trauma wound that is caused by an accidental deep insertion into the ear. Medically, a perforated eardrum simply means that there is a hole in the eardrum. Here are five […]

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