feeding and swallowing trouble

Feeding & Swallowing Trouble Is A Big Deal For Kids!

Posted 30.09.2017 by Admin

Children who have a problem swallowing are often associated with a condition called dysphagia. There are a number of factors that can cause this condition, evident when the food either is in the mouth, passes through the esophagus or even passing through to the stomach. As such, the child or the infant develops challenges in […]

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inner ear balance problem

Is Your Child Having An Inner Ear Balance Problem?

Posted 24.09.2017 by Admin

It may surprise you that adults are not the only ones with inner ear balance issues. Children as well can be victims. If you see a child experience dizziness, this may be a sign that he/she is having a challenge with the inner ear. 15% of children experience this condition at a certain point in […]

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hearing screening

How Is Hearing Screening Conducted For Young Children?

Posted 15.09.2017 by Admin

There are a varied number of ways that a healthcare provider will use to determine how good your child’s hearing is. These tests largely depend on the age of the child. At a particular age though, the participation of the child in understanding the procedure at hand will guide the pediatrician in choosing the behavioral […]

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earwax in children

What Parents Should Know About Earwax In Children

Posted 04.09.2017 by Admin

Earwax, also known as cerumen, occurs naturally in our ears. The outer half of our skin surrounding the ear canal contains glands that produce this viscous yellowish substance. Our genes determine the color of the wax. Its main function is to trap the dust which may otherwise infect the inner ear, after which the dust […]

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ear infection symptoms

Learn To Spot Ear Infection Symptoms In Young Children

Posted 28.08.2017 by Admin

By the age of 3, roughly 65% of children suffer from some kind of ear infection, which can even lead to recurrent episodes, if not spotted at the earliest opportunity. Children with otitis media along with middle-ear fluid are in danger of experiencing some kinds of hearing loss. It can be difficult to figure it […]

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speech disorder in children

Identifying A Speech Disorder In Your Child

Posted 13.08.2017 by Admin

Early observation of speech and language perfection in child can help you recognize if there is any disorder. In case you identify one, it’s important to intervene early, as it can make a huge difference in your kid’s life. Just like learning any other thing for the first time, speaking can be tough. But if […]

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