The Dangers Of Picking Your Nose

dangers of picking your nose

Picking the nose is an act of extracting nasal mucus with fingers and may also involve the subsequent action of mucus ingestion, known as mucophagy. The mucous membranes constantly produce wet mucus that eliminates pathogens flowing through the nasal cavity. Not all mucus stays fluid enough, and the ones closer to the opening is relatively dry. Once dried, it can cause irritation leading to evoke itching. This provocation can be irresistible, especially when the part is visible from outside.

Picking your nose is not only a bad habit that can have a very poor impression on the other person, but it can also jeopardize your health slowly and eventually. We all do it sometimes or the other, without even noticing it. But in case you end up doing it excessively, it can pose serious health issues. Children are more susceptible to catching this habit, which can later cause nose bleeding and nasal infections.

Easy Entry Of Pathogens Inside The Body

We use our hands for day to day activities, and this part of the body is more vulnerable to catching virus, fungus or bacteria. Now if you put that dirty finger inside your nose, you are literally giving a free entry to the pathogens. This can lead to common skin infections, such as vestibulitis, which can be developed within the nostril openings.  It might rip apart the fragile skin inside your nose, leading to nose bleeding conditions. For those with regular nose bleeds, it will take two months to recoup.

In another example, picking noses can develop folliculitis, which is basically growth of pimples inside the nose hair follicles. You can even be infected with Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria, which can travel through your blood, all the way to the brain.

Sinusitis Development

There is a strong and active supply of blood to the nose veins, with five of them leading right to the frontal nasal portion. In case you are suffering from a bad cold, with blocked sinus, you are more likely to develop sinusitis, which can cause unbearable inflammation. This is mainly because of all that bacteria you invited via your finger nails directly into your nose. Right from the tip of the fingers, they can reach your sinus cavity, and will keep multiplying causing more serious conditions.

Nasal Septum Perforation

The partition between your nostrils is known as septum, and you can self-induce considerable damage with regular nose picking. This can eventually result in a septum fissure, which will cause nose bleeds, crusts and whistling noises from the nose. A perforated septum can vary in location and size, and is generally found deep inside. The closer the perforation is to the nostrils, the more likely to cause symptoms!

Unsightly and Unhygienic Practice

By picking your noses, you are not only risking your health, but also those people around you. The germs on your fingers can be introduced wherever you touch, and this can affect others. The habit is also an unpleasant one, especially if you are doing it in front of someone else.