Identifying A Speech Disorder In Your Child

speech disorder in children

Early observation of speech and language perfection in child can help you recognize if there is any disorder. In case you identify one, it’s important to intervene early, as it can make a huge difference in your kid’s life. Just like learning any other thing for the first time, speaking can be tough. But if your kid is taking too much time in comparison to other kids, it’s possible that there is something wrong.

It’s imperative to identify the symptoms early whether your children is having trouble in combining sounds, leaving out parts of words or finding difficulty in pronunciation. Although, children may not be clear in speech at the early stages, but it can lead to a lifelong problem, if you do not pay attention. If you notice such speech fluctuations over a long period of time, it’s advisable to seek professional help. A pathologist can enhance the speech fluency for those who stutter.

Parents should act as a support role by making their children learn something without trying to elevate unnecessarily. You need to slow down your speech and use simple words, if it’s taking a bit longer than others. Just like any other motor task, speaking is a tough skill to master. Your child may not be a born star player of tennis, but he/she should be apt in speech delivery. In case they are suffering, it’s important to get some help. There are some common speech disorders you should take note of, at the earliest.

The common term relating to inefficiency in articulating and using proper speech sounds is known as speech sound disorder, which is generally diagnosed in one-fourth of children aged 5 to 7 years, right in the school age or even before it.  Enlisted below are some of these.

Motor-Based Disorders

If your child is having difficulty in making necessary motor movements in response to the sounds, then he is suffering from this kind of defect. Examples include dysarthria and apraxia.

Phonological Delay

Addition of sounds in wrong places and leaving out some parts of the words is another kind of disorder that can give you a prompt signal for imperfect speech recognition.

Structure-Based Disorder

As is the case with cleft palate, children can find it tough to pronounce certain words due to structural issues.

Childhood Apraxia Of Speech

Even though it’s a rare speech disorder, your child can be the one affected, finding it really difficult to plan and produce speech movements. This can distort their rhythmic response and sound production. Only 3 to 5 percent of children struggle from this kind of disorder.


This is certainly the most common symptom whereby the flow of speech is characterized by repetitive phrases, words and sounds. This is precisely related to limitations in speech motor skills and has no particular known cause. Around five percent of people have a tendency to stammer during some part of their life span.

If you notice any of these abnormalities in your child, it’s advisable to make an appointment with an ENT doctor for further consultation.