How To Recover From Tonsillectomy With Ease

recover from tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomy can be very painful to both adults and young ones as this involves the process where infected or inflamed tonsils should be removed. This can bring utmost discomfort for the patient. If your kids have to undergo one, you should not simply think of how he can undergo the surgical procedure without much fear. You also have to look forward to his recovery from everything. Recovery can take up to two weeks and with this span of time, you should be there behind him all the way.

Make sure that the recovery process will be much easier for them. Rather than being burdened with how you can help him cope speedily, focus more on how he can recover from the process proactively. Yes, the process can be smooth. All you have to do is follow the tips below:

Be Your Child’s Nurse

Kids will always find comfort when you are there for them during the recovery process. When you act as their nurse, they will feel more at ease even when they are in pain. You should use the most comforting words as much as possible while you also help them go through the recovery as per instruction of the doctor. Make sure that you give them all the things they need for tonsillectomy recovery. In case you are not around, you can enlist the help of someone you trust – a family member or a friend most preferably.

Keep Things Cool For Him or Her

Cool in the sense that there should be an ice bucket (filled with ice chips or ice cubes of course) ready. Make your child chew ice as this will moisten and numb the incision site. This can likewise reduce swelling. Doing this will not just keep the pain away but will also be of much help in a speedy recovery.

Make the Recovery Process Enjoyable

If you want your child to feel ‘happier’ during the recovery process, you can always give him a cone of his favorite ice cream. Ice cream, just like ice chips, can help reduce swelling and discomfort. Add to that, it can also keep your child’s spirits high as it restores him back to his usual energetic self. Apart from ice cream, you have to make sure that he has a soft diet. Serve him yogurt, soup and sugary beverages.

Follow the Medication Schedule

Your child will never know when he should take his medicine and may not be able to remind you when it is already time for him to take one. If you want him to recover faster, it is your duty to make sure that he never misses a dose of his medication. You can write the schedule on a piece of paper and post it on the fridge or anywhere else where you can read them. Better yet, have an alarm to remind you when it is time for him to take the medicine.

Always Learn about Recovery Information

Before you even leave the doctor’s clinic, you must already be equipped with the right information that will help you and your child undergo the recovery process with much ease. Your ENT doctor will be more than willing to answer any questions you have related to tonsillectomy and the recovery process. Don’t be afraid to ask.