managing sinus surgery recovery

Managing The Sinus Surgery Recovery Process

Posted 23.11.2018 by Admin

If you have never suffered from sinusitis, then you are very fortunate. The condition can be debilitating and suffers can become very miserable with the constant symptoms of: Nasal stuffiness or congestion Constant dripping nose Heaches Fever Tender face (including eyes and bridge of nose) Fatigue And many more. Many sufferers go through the procedure […]

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kids ear infections symptoms

Observing Your Kids And Spotting Symptoms Of Ear Infections

Posted 15.11.2018 by Admin

By the time your child reaches 3 years of age it is likely they will have had at least 1 episode of illness that involved a hearing infection. In fact, they may already have had recurrent middle ear infections. Although most children will exhibit signs and symptoms that are impossible to ignore when they contract […]

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children snore

Why Do Children Snore?

Posted 10.11.2018 by Admin

Snoring can have a variety of sounds or noises. It can be intermittent or prolonged and can prove quite a sleepless night for you. Snoring occurs as a result of the vibration of the soft tissues in the airway. Usually the sound is made because of some obstruction or resistance to the air passing through […]

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hearing loss missing developmental milestones

Could Your Child Be Missing Developmental Milestones Due To Hearing Loss?

Posted 05.11.2018 by Admin

Today very young babies and infants are screened regularly for a variety of issues, including hearing skills. Hearing is important to enable a child to develop their speech and language skills properly. Any hearing loss or deafness can impact on these abilities. There is research that states where hearing loss is detected prior to the […]

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nasal fracture

How To Cope With A Nasal Fracture

Posted 25.10.2018 by Admin

There are many different types of sports, and while the gentler pursuits, such as swimming, are not likely to cause bodily harm to you, many of the more physical contact sports will cause the risk of a nasal fracture due to the speed, movement of yourself and others and sport equipment being used. Some of […]

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fall allergies

Common Fall Allergies To Know For Parents

Posted 18.10.2018 by Admin

Not everyone suffers from seasonal allergies, but if you or your child do suffer from seasonal allergies, there is no doubt that you start to dread when that season comes around. The most common seasonal allergies are during the spring and early summer and the response to pollens are very plain to see. However, there […]

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