Can Children Get GERD?

Posted 29.06.2017 by Admin

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD is a digestive condition where both stomach acid and consumed food reverse their course from the stomach back to the esophagus. This flow or action happens after you have taken your meal. While the condition is known to be common among adults, children are not exempted from having one. In […]

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summer allergies causes

Find Out About The Common Causes Of Summer Allergies

Posted 15.06.2017 by Admin

Your child has been waiting for summer all-year round. This is the longest time he is free from school work. Of course, this is also the season of the year when he happens to spend more bonding time with you. During summer, he can take a look at his surroundings or have a cool time […]

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Getting To Know Cholesteatoma As An Ear Disorder

Posted 30.05.2017 by Admin

Ear infections are a common occurrence especially to younger children under the age of 5. The main reasons being younger children tend to touch their ears and even insert objects which can easily lead to common ear infections. However, if you notice that your child keeps getting ear infections and they are not responding to […]

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private speech therapy

Why Your Child Needs More Than Just School Speech Therapy

Posted 14.05.2017 by Admin

For children who require speech therapy, it is not just enough to enroll them to a school speech therapy and leave it at that. In as much as they get all the necessary help they need form these institutions, it is better to supplement these school therapy services with private therapy services. We have listed […]

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post-tympanoplasty recovery tips

Tips For Post-Tympanoplasty Recovery

Posted 30.04.2017 by Admin

There is a specific surgery called Tympanoplasty performed when dealing with a defect (or damage) in your eardrum. Among several different types of treatments, this surgery is performed for various reasons like recurring ear infections or a hearing impairment. Some negative effects that typically occur after the surgery may include ear pain or pain in the […]

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spring allergy

How To Spot A Spring Allergy In Your Kids

Posted 14.04.2017 by Admin

Spring is a beautiful season, with warm days and blooming flowers, but it can also cause certain seasonal allergies. As plants release pollen, millions of people, especially children may develop many sneezing and snuffling symptoms. More specifically, a child who has an allergic parent has more chances of developing some of these seasonal allergies. It […]

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