increased risks of hearing loss due to loud music

Loud Music And The Risks Of Hearing Loss

Posted 27.02.2017 by Admin

Loud music can potentially be very damaging to your ears. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 1.1 billion teenagers face the risks of hearing loss. The frequent listening to loud music using iPods and smartphones using earphones, and the frequent visits to discos and nightclubs where the music is very loud, expose […]

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most common throat problem in kids

What’s The Most Common Throat Problem In Kids?

Posted 10.02.2017 by Admin

It’s easy to guess that sore throat is the most common throat problem that kids often face. Throat problems, especially from sore throat, are the blight of every parent raising young children. Many a times, seeing a child having difficulties in swallowing or due to sore throat can induce panic in any parent. One way […]

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perforated eardrum

5 Things You Should Know About Perforated Eardrum

Posted 27.01.2017 by Admin

As you would have known, the eardrum is a thin membrane that can be susceptible to damage, especially when there is an infection or a trauma wound that is caused by an accidental deep insertion into the ear. Medically, a perforated eardrum simply means that there is a hole in the eardrum. Here are five […]

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keeping winter allergies at bay

Keeping Winter Allergies At Bay

Posted 03.01.2017 by Admin

One big misconception people usually have is that they think allergies are associated only with warm weather or during the time when there’s lot of pollen discharge in the air during those seasonal periods. In fact, the winter season brings with it a horde of allergy problems, especially for those that have to stay a […]

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safe ear wax removal

How To Remove Ear Wax Safely

Posted 30.09.2016 by Admin

Cerumen, which we often refer to as ear wax is a fatty substance that helps to keep our ears clean. Ear wax is known to lubricate and protect the ear lining. Most people tend to think that ear wax is a problem but this is not the case. It becomes a problem when the ear […]

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ragweed allergy

Is Your Child Allergic To Ragweed?

Posted 15.09.2016 by Admin

How can you tell if your child is allergic to ragweed? The ragweed season usually happens in mid-September and it is usually felt up to the end of summer. Most kids dread the end of summer and the ragweed season only makes the matter worse for some kids. There are kids who are allergic to […]

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