snus or common cold in kids

Learn To Tell If Your Kid Is Having Sinus Or Common Cold!

Posted 30.07.2016 by Admin

Noticed that your kid is sneezing more than usual or having a stuffy nose or even watery eyes? In such cases, you might wonder to yourself whether it is a sinus infection or a cold. For starters, how long those symptoms last may be a clue to what’s really causing their congestion. Read on to […]

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vocal nodules in kids

Does Your Kid Have Vocal Nodules?

Posted 22.07.2016 by Admin

Small, noncancerous growths can develop on the vocal cords. They are called vocal cord nodules and are a result of vocal abuse. What is considered as vocal abuse? Oftentimes, it would be megaphoneany behaviors that harm or overwork the vocal cords, such as frequent coughing, dehydration and yelling. An instance of vocal abuse can include […]

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insect inside your child's ear

How To Deal With An Insect Inside Your Child’s Ear

Posted 15.07.2016 by Admin

It can happen! Insects may fly or crawl into the ears and become lodged inside the ears of a child who is playing outdoors. Insects can even enter a child’s ears when he or she is sleeping. If luck is on the child’s side, the insect naturally dies after entering the ear. In some cases, […]

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choose hearing aids for kids

Tips For Choosing Hearing Aids

Posted 05.07.2016 by Admin

With a wide variety of hearing aid manufacturers available on the market today, it often leaves those who need such products wondering how to make a savvy selection. For starters, the best hearing aids are devices apt for one or both ears and effectively address a hearing impairment. When it comes to purchasing hearing aids […]

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