child need cochlear implant

Does Your Child Need A Cochlear Implant?

Posted 12.10.2018 by Admin

Usually if a child has hearing difficulties they will be noticed very early in their lives. This means a plan of action can be out in place to help them receive the best medical care in order to live their lives as normally as possible. There are varying degrees of deafness and many children use […]

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hoarseness in children

Causes Of Hoarseness In Children

Posted 06.10.2018 by Admin

Sounding a little hoarse after a lot of shouting or screaming, especially during competing events, can cause a child to have a hoarse voice. This is very normal, and it should resolve itself in a few hours, or sometimes the following day. However, if your child has a continued hoarseness or a change in their […]

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pure tone audiometry

Pure Tone Audiometry: What You Need To Know!

Posted 23.09.2018 by Admin

What we hear and how much we hear defines the quality of our hearing senses. It plays an integral role in communicating, yet we take it for granted. Loss of hearing can lead to depression, frustration and isolation. Sufficient attention must be paid in noticing and detecting hearing loss in the primary stages, else it […]

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phlegm mucus throat

What Causes Excessive Mucus & Phlegm In Throat?

Posted 15.09.2018 by Admin

A number of reasons can contribute to development of excessive phlegm and mucus in throat. Immediate medical attention may be necessary in some cases, such as presence of blood in the phlegm. Let us see what triggers the production of these substances in the throat. What Is Phlegm? During an infection, the mucous membrane secretes […]

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Tinnitus Myths

Tinnitus Myths To Know

Posted 10.09.2018 by Admin

Tinnitus is the perception of ringing or noise in the ears that typically affects about one in five people. It is an underlying condition that can be related to circulatory system disorder, age-related hearing loss or ear injury.  Even though, it can aggravate with time, tinnitus can be improved for many people. Let us bust […]

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manage GERD without drugs

Managing GERD Without Drugs

Posted 04.09.2018 by Admin

According to a study, 1 in 10 Americans gets heartburn daily. There is no scarcity of drugs in the market targeting symptoms of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), but they come with dangerous side effects. Lifestyle and diet changes can have a better impact than taking medications, as they provide a long term healing effect. In […]

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