Some Common Myths Of Ankyloglossia Debunked

Posted 30.08.2018 by Admin

Ankyloglossia or tongue-tie is an abnormal condition present at birth, which restricts the circle of motion produced by tongue. In this case, a tight or thick tissue band called lingual frenulum ties the tongue’s bottom to the mouth’s floor. Not only does it make it difficult to stick out the tongue, but also affects the […]

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hearing tests for children

What Are Some Different Types of Hearing Tests For Children?

Posted 15.08.2018 by Admin

We all know what it is like to start developing hearing impairment with age. However, it is a lot more trickier when hearing impairment affects a child. Children might not even have the ability to realize they have a hearing problem. Hence, there are various hearing tests for children, depending on their age group. Tests […]

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swimmer's ear

Swimmer’s Ear: What You Need To Know About Otitis Externa In Children

Posted 02.08.2018 by Admin

The ear canal is the passage which carries the sound from external source straight to the eardrum. Infection  in that region can be caused through different types of fungi or bacteria, and is known as Otitis Externa or the Swimmer’s Ear. It is quite common in children who spend a lot of time playing with […]

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TMJ disorder

Is Your Child Suffering From TMJ Disorder?

Posted 22.03.2018 by Admin

The terrible disorder of mysterious jaw ache called TMJ disorder or TMD usually affects adults. As if that was not painful enough, it also affects children in some rare cases. Among the children affected by TMJ, females reaching puberty is the commonest demographic. 1 in 10 male children in their teenage too have complained of […]

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Why Is The Removal Of Adenoids Extremely Important?

Posted 27.02.2018 by Admin

Adenoids are a lymphatic tissue at the top of the throat, lying at the back of the nose, and extremely responsive to infections. In viral conditions, tonsils and adenoids expand to combat the infection. It grows with age and develops to their maximum size within 5-7 years. Body finds other ways to combat infection, as […]

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Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder

Is Your Kid Suffering From Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder?

Posted 22.02.2018 by Admin

Over the years, orthodontists and dentists have been making the use of braces to straighten misalignment of teeth. However, few things that are left untreated include swallowing patterns and oral posture. It can ultimately lead to TMJ or sleep-breathing disorders. You may even need braces as an adult. One should have a sound knowledge about […]

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