Post-TONSILLECTOMY in children

Guidelines To Follow Post-Tonsillectomy In Children

Posted 27.12.2017 by Admin

The two clusters of tissues positioned on either side of the throat back is known as tonsils, while the one sitting high in the throat behind mouth’s roof and the nose is the adenoids. It becomes important to remove both of them, when they lead to breathing difficulties by becoming enlarged and blocking the upper […]

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cochlear implants

Precautions To Take For Children With Cochlear Implants

Posted 20.12.2017 by Admin

Cochlear implants are electronic devices that substitute the function of a damaged ear, rectifying partial loss of hearing. Unlike a hearing aid that transmits a louder sound, a cochlear implant basically bypasses the damaged hair cells of cochlea or inner ear to provide sound signals to the central nervous system. However, you also need to […]

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Myringotomy: What You Need To Know

Posted 12.12.2017 by Admin

Myringotomy is a surgery process in which a small opening is made in the tympanic membrane of the eardrum, generally in both the ears. Also known as tympanotomy or myringotcentesis, the procedure is employed for drawing out the fluid in the middle ear through incision, by inserting ear tubes at both the ends. What Is […]

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tongue-tie condition in children

What Is The Tongue-Tie Condition In Children?

Posted 02.12.2017 by Admin

Is your child finding difficulty in speaking simple words? Most probably, he may be suffering from tongue-tie condition. Also known by the name of ankyloglossia, Tongue Tie is a congenital condition that restricts the normal range of motion of the tongue. The bottom of the tongue’s tip is bonded to the mouth floor with a […]

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strep throat infection

What You Should Know About Strep Throat Infection

Posted 29.11.2017 by Admin

A sore throat should never be underestimated, even if you treat it temporarily with antibiotics. It can turn into something life threatening, if left untreated for a long time. Here are a few things you should be knowing about the potentially dangerous strep throat infection. Some People Carry The Infection If your child is experiencing […]

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Understanding Mastoiditis As An Ear Infection

Posted 22.11.2017 by Admin

Mastoiditis is a bacterial infection of air cells surrounding the middle and inner ear. These mastoid air cells constitutes the mastoid bone, protecting the delicate structure of the ear and regulating ear pressure when required. This condition can develop, often as a direct consequence of otitis media, when the cells become inflamed or infected. It […]

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