tinnitus and hearing loss

How Is Tinnitus Connected To Hearing Loss?

Posted 14.11.2017 by Admin

In the recent years, extensive medical research has found that there is some connection between hearing loss and tinnitus. For some affected people, it can be partial, affecting only a narrow band of sound frequency as a consequence of minor injury to the inner ear. This may or may not impact your hearing ability, however, […]

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common nasal conditions for kids

4 Most Common Nasal Conditions For Kids

Posted 05.11.2017 by Admin

The nose is one of the most sensitive facial feature of a child, which can sometimes become host to viral infections and blockage of nasal airway. In a few cases, grass, ragweed and pollen can make an entry into the nose and trigger abnormal nose disorders. Choanal Atresia Occurring in one out of every 7000 […]

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chronic nosebleeds

How To Deal With Chronic Nosebleeds For Kids

Posted 30.10.2017 by Admin

During the early years of childhood, nose bleeding is a normal thing in many children, although it can be frightening for the parents. If the flow of blood is backward into the mouth, kids can swallow it, and vomit. There are a number of reasons behind such an occurrence, with some of the most common […]

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recurring tonsillitis

Managing Recurrent Tonsillitis In Children

Posted 23.10.2017 by Admin

Tonsillitis refers to the inflammation of the lumps of tissue usually at the back of a child’s throat, called the tonsils. They are specifically placed at this area as part of the body’s immune system, as they help in the fight against infections. Recurrent tonsillitis refers to a situation where the child has a couple […]

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speech impairments

Most Common Speech Impairments In Children

Posted 12.10.2017 by Admin

Speech disorder is not limited to one kind. There are various types of impairments you would generally find in children. Enlisted below are some of the most common ones: Articulation Disorder This is generally related to misalignment of speech and sound, whereby the child may substitute sounds improperly to words. This is generally normal, when […]

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acute middle ear infection

Diagnosing And Managing Acute Middle Ear Infection In Children

Posted 05.10.2017 by Admin

This infection is usually associated with either a bacterial or viral infection in the middle section of the ear. The child will have a fever and may experience some trouble while sleeping. He or she will often cry and become quite irritable, with continued pulling on the ears. The acute version of the infection, also […]

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