speech disorder

How To Communicate Effectively With Children Suffering From Speech Disorder

Posted 30.01.2018 by Admin

Speech and language disorder in children can lead to physical impairments, learning disability, brain injury, neurological disorders and hearing loss. All this can effectively contribute to communication disorders in a child, which is a very common issue. A child may have greater expressive skills than receptive skills, or vice versa, but it’s not always the […]

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Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Sensorineural Hearing Loss: What Is It?

Posted 21.01.2018 by Admin

Any sort of damage to the nerve of special sensory cells or lack of development in hair cells can lead to sensorineural hearing loss. A major portion of permanent loss in hearing is present at birth, and half of the cases are primarily due to genetics. In case, each parent has one gene for normal […]

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CPAP for kids

CPAP For Children: All You Need To Know About It

Posted 15.01.2018 by Admin

Sleep apnea is a common disorder in many children during their infancy phase, and one of the best treatments out there to rectify this syndrome is CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, which helps in relieving upper airway obstruction during sleep. Complete or partial obstruction of the airway is the reason why children have difficulty […]

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Otoplasty: Facts To Know Before Undergoing The Surgery

Posted 07.01.2018 by Admin

In this modern era, plastic surgery is something that is commonly associated with celebrities and affluent people who can afford to shell out their pockets to look the way they want. Amid such a scenario, one name that doesn’t get much of the attention is otoplasty or ear surgery. It is basically carried out to […]

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Post-TONSILLECTOMY in children

Guidelines To Follow Post-Tonsillectomy In Children

Posted 27.12.2017 by Admin

The two clusters of tissues positioned on either side of the throat back is known as tonsils, while the one sitting high in the throat behind mouth’s roof and the nose is the adenoids. It becomes important to remove both of them, when they lead to breathing difficulties by becoming enlarged and blocking the upper […]

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cochlear implants

Precautions To Take For Children With Cochlear Implants

Posted 20.12.2017 by Admin

Cochlear implants are electronic devices that substitute the function of a damaged ear, rectifying partial loss of hearing. Unlike a hearing aid that transmits a louder sound, a cochlear implant basically bypasses the damaged hair cells of cochlea or inner ear to provide sound signals to the central nervous system. However, you also need to […]

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