children allergies

Ways To Treat Children’s Allergies

Posted 05.01.2019 by Admin

No one would want to see their child miss out on all the fun because of a sore throat, sneezing or sniffing. If things like these happen at a specific time, your kid may be suffering from seasonal allergies. In case they are facing these throughout the year, they might have chronic allergies. At ENT […]

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fall allergies

Common Fall Allergies To Know For Parents

Posted 18.10.2018 by Admin

Not everyone suffers from seasonal allergies, but if you or your child do suffer from seasonal allergies, there is no doubt that you start to dread when that season comes around. The most common seasonal allergies are during the spring and early summer and the response to pollens are very plain to see. However, there […]

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summer allergies causes

Find Out About The Common Causes Of Summer Allergies

Posted 15.06.2017 by Admin

Your child has been waiting for summer all-year round. This is the longest time he is free from school work. Of course, this is also the season of the year when he happens to spend more bonding time with you. During summer, he can take a look at his surroundings or have a cool time […]

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spring allergy

How To Spot A Spring Allergy In Your Kids

Posted 14.04.2017 by Admin

Spring is a beautiful season, with warm days and blooming flowers, but it can also cause certain seasonal allergies. As plants release pollen, millions of people, especially children may develop many sneezing and snuffling symptoms. More specifically, a child who has an allergic parent has more chances of developing some of these seasonal allergies. It […]

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keeping winter allergies at bay

Keeping Winter Allergies At Bay

Posted 03.01.2017 by Admin

One big misconception people usually have is that they think allergies are associated only with warm weather or during the time when there’s lot of pollen discharge in the air during those seasonal periods. In fact, the winter season brings with it a horde of allergy problems, especially for those that have to stay a […]

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ragweed allergy

Is Your Child Allergic To Ragweed?

Posted 15.09.2016 by Admin

How can you tell if your child is allergic to ragweed? The ragweed season usually happens in mid-September and it is usually felt up to the end of summer. Most kids dread the end of summer and the ragweed season only makes the matter worse for some kids. There are kids who are allergic to […]

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