Ear Disorders

Balance Disorders

Types And Causes Of Balance Disorders In Children

Posted 23.12.2018 by Admin

When it comes to balance, not so many people are aware that ears have a role to play. Ears help to maintain balance through the vestibulocochlear nerve. The ears are not the only organs that help us to balance. Muscles, joints, eyes and ears work together to keep us upright and steady. If any of […]

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middle ear infections children

Popular FAQs For Middle Ear Infections In Children

Posted 15.12.2018 by Admin

When children suffer from recurrent ear infections, it can be problematic both to them and their parents. Ear infections, especially middle ear infections also known as otitis media affect majority of the children, often at a very young age. As a parent, if you want to avoid the repeated trips to the pediatrician, the ear […]

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kids ear infections symptoms

Observing Your Kids And Spotting Symptoms Of Ear Infections

Posted 15.11.2018 by Admin

By the time your child reaches 3 years of age it is likely they will have had at least 1 episode of illness that involved a hearing infection. In fact, they may already have had recurrent middle ear infections. Although most children will exhibit signs and symptoms that are impossible to ignore when they contract […]

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pure tone audiometry

Pure Tone Audiometry: What You Need To Know!

Posted 23.09.2018 by Admin

What we hear and how much we hear defines the quality of our hearing senses. It plays an integral role in communicating, yet we take it for granted. Loss of hearing can lead to depression, frustration and isolation. Sufficient attention must be paid in noticing and detecting hearing loss in the primary stages, else it […]

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Tinnitus Myths

Tinnitus Myths To Know

Posted 10.09.2018 by Admin

Tinnitus is the perception of ringing or noise in the ears that typically affects about one in five people. It is an underlying condition that can be related to circulatory system disorder, age-related hearing loss or ear injury.  Even though, it can aggravate with time, tinnitus can be improved for many people. Let us bust […]

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swimmer's ear

Swimmer’s Ear: What You Need To Know About Otitis Externa In Children

Posted 02.08.2018 by Admin

The ear canal is the passage which carries the sound from external source straight to the eardrum. Infection  in that region can be caused through different types of fungi or bacteria, and is known as Otitis Externa or the Swimmer’s Ear. It is quite common in children who spend a lot of time playing with […]

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