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stuttering in children

What Causes Stuttering In Children And When To Seek Help?

Posted 05.12.2018 by Admin

Stuttering, also known as stammering is a speech problem making it hard for kids to speak smoothly. Most kids between the ages of 2-5 go through a stage when they stutter repeating certain phrases, word or syllables. In most cases, a parent does not need to worry when a child stutters because it eventually goes […]

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hearing loss missing developmental milestones

Could Your Child Be Missing Developmental Milestones Due To Hearing Loss?

Posted 05.11.2018 by Admin

Today very young babies and infants are screened regularly for a variety of issues, including hearing skills. Hearing is important to enable a child to develop their speech and language skills properly. Any hearing loss or deafness can impact on these abilities. There is research that states where hearing loss is detected prior to the […]

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child need cochlear implant

Does Your Child Need A Cochlear Implant?

Posted 12.10.2018 by Admin

Usually if a child has hearing difficulties they will be noticed very early in their lives. This means a plan of action can be out in place to help them receive the best medical care in order to live their lives as normally as possible. There are varying degrees of deafness and many children use […]

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hearing tests for children

What Are Some Different Types of Hearing Tests For Children?

Posted 15.08.2018 by Admin

We all know what it is like to start developing hearing impairment with age. However, it is a lot more trickier when hearing impairment affects a child. Children might not even have the ability to realize they have a hearing problem. Hence, there are various hearing tests for children, depending on their age group. Tests […]

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Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder

Is Your Kid Suffering From Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder?

Posted 22.02.2018 by Admin

Over the years, orthodontists and dentists have been making the use of braces to straighten misalignment of teeth. However, few things that are left untreated include swallowing patterns and oral posture. It can ultimately lead to TMJ or sleep-breathing disorders. You may even need braces as an adult. One should have a sound knowledge about […]

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speech disorder

How To Communicate Effectively With Children Suffering From Speech Disorder

Posted 30.01.2018 by Admin

Speech and language disorder in children can lead to physical impairments, learning disability, brain injury, neurological disorders and hearing loss. All this can effectively contribute to communication disorders in a child, which is a very common issue. A child may have greater expressive skills than receptive skills, or vice versa, but it’s not always the […]

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