vestibular therapy

How Vestibular Therapy Can Help Treat Your Child’s Vertigo

Posted 15.01.2019 by Admin

Have your child ever complained about feeling lightheaded and losing balance when walking in the early evening? They may even have double headaches, double vision or difficulty in concentrating on different tasks. These are usually the symptoms related to vestibular problems. Small positional sensing organs in your inner ear is the vestibular system. These work […]

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manage GERD without drugs

Managing GERD Without Drugs

Posted 04.09.2018 by Admin

According to a study, 1 in 10 Americans gets heartburn daily. There is no scarcity of drugs in the market targeting symptoms of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), but they come with dangerous side effects. Lifestyle and diet changes can have a better impact than taking medications, as they provide a long term healing effect. In […]

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Why Is The Removal Of Adenoids Extremely Important?

Posted 27.02.2018 by Admin

Adenoids are a lymphatic tissue at the top of the throat, lying at the back of the nose, and extremely responsive to infections. In viral conditions, tonsils and adenoids expand to combat the infection. It grows with age and develops to their maximum size within 5-7 years. Body finds other ways to combat infection, as […]

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CPAP for kids

CPAP For Children: All You Need To Know About It

Posted 15.01.2018 by Admin

Sleep apnea is a common disorder in many children during their infancy phase, and one of the best treatments out there to rectify this syndrome is CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, which helps in relieving upper airway obstruction during sleep. Complete or partial obstruction of the airway is the reason why children have difficulty […]

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Post-TONSILLECTOMY in children

Guidelines To Follow Post-Tonsillectomy In Children

Posted 27.12.2017 by Admin

The two clusters of tissues positioned on either side of the throat back is known as tonsils, while the one sitting high in the throat behind mouth’s roof and the nose is the adenoids. It becomes important to remove both of them, when they lead to breathing difficulties by becoming enlarged and blocking the upper […]

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Myringotomy: What You Need To Know

Posted 12.12.2017 by Admin

Myringotomy is a surgery process in which a small opening is made in the tympanic membrane of the eardrum, generally in both the ears. Also known as tympanotomy or myringotcentesis, the procedure is employed for drawing out the fluid in the middle ear through incision, by inserting ear tubes at both the ends. What Is […]

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