Why Your Child Needs More Than Just School Speech Therapy

private speech therapy

For children who require speech therapy, it is not just enough to enroll them to a school speech therapy and leave it at that. In as much as they get all the necessary help they need form these institutions, it is better to supplement these school therapy services with private therapy services. We have listed a number of reasons why your child needs more than just school speech therapy. You can always check with an ENT doctor for advice suited to your child’s condition.

Undivided Attention

School speech therapy departments have a number of students enrolled in these classes which means that your child will most likely be grouped to a number of 3 or 5 students to attend a session. It is not uncommon that most public schools are not well funded and therefore they are not able to afford as many speech therapy teachers as they should.

If your child is grouped in a group of let’s say 5 students for a session of 30 minutes, that means he or she gets 6 minutes of direct intervention. On the other hand if your child gets private speech therapies, it means that he or she will get undivided attention. It is not advisable to pull your child completely from school speech therapies since these lessons help a child overcome language based learning challenges.


One disadvantage of letting your child take school speech therapies only is that you have no choice as to the speech-language pathologist your child can see. School speech therapies especially in public schools don’t hire different specialized speech therapies and in turn your child is stuck with the “one fits all” kind of therapy services. Getting private speech therapies for your child allows you to get a specialized speech-language pathologist depending on your child’s needs. You can choose these therapists according to their level of qualifications and experience meaning your child gets the best services.


School speech therapies mostly dictate where these lessons will take place. As a parent you don’t have a say to what happens to these classes. Sometimes you may be forced to travel for long distances just to take your child to these lessons. Private speech therapies are very convenient since you can arrange your time and schedule depending on your availability and timetable. There are therapists who are willing to visit your home to conduct these lessons which means your child can learn in a controlled and familiar environment which good for development.

How Do You Know If Your Child Need Speech Therapy?

Your children may require speech therapy if:

  • They are struggling with writing and reading
  • Their interactions with other adults and children are inappropriate or unusual
  • They frequently stutter
  • They are using fewer words than other kids of the same age
  • They are constantly being teased due to the way they talk
  • They are difficult to understand during conversations

Why Is ENT Doctor Better Than Speech Therapy?

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) often refer their patients to ENT doctors because they have the expertise to treat various medical problems like swallowing difficulties, lip tie, frequent colds and allergies, chronic ear infections, and more. They are the doctors that SLPs need to work with to help their clients reach their fullest language and speech potential.

What Are The Risks And/Or Side Effects Of Speech Therapy?

Although there are no physical or mental side effects from receiving speech therapy, it is important to note that it takes time before results can be seen. This means that the child has to go for his or her scheduled appointments, as well as practice speaking, language, and swallowing skills regularly.

Bottom Line

Getting your child private speech therapy should only be as supplement to the school speech therapy. It would be inaccurate to say that your child cannot benefit from school therapies since such an environment plays an important role in a child’s development.

A private speech therapy is merely a means to ensure that your child gets the best from both therapy schedules. If you plan to hire a private speech therapist, ensure that they are qualified to handle your child’s needs. It helps to find a therapist who is flexible enough is adjust to your schedule if need be. Check online for speech therapists and find out from reviews about their services.