Find Out About The Common Causes Of Summer Allergies

summer allergies causes

Your child has been waiting for summer all-year round. This is the longest time he is free from school work. Of course, this is also the season of the year when he happens to spend more bonding time with you. During summer, he can take a look at his surroundings or have a cool time at the beach. But, as a parent, you may be worried he will catch an allergy with his exposure to these popular environments. Learn more about the common causes of summer allergies so that it will be easier to avoid them come summer time.


This is commonly carried not only by blooming flowers and trees but also by those green grasses that seem to grow taller and more beautiful during hot summer months. It carries with it an allergen that causes itchy eyes, sneezing and sniffling. The bad thing about pollen is that it can actually be an allergy trigger all-year round. The worse thing is you can bring home that allergen with you and pass it to another person. It is best to wear wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses to lessen exposure to pollen during summertime.

Stinging Insects

Another common cause of summer allergies is the sting coming from an insect. Despite the fact that it is a much less common allergen when compared to other allergens, it can be the most dangerous among others since they can be life-threatening. In fact, in America alone, about 2 million Americans are noted to be allergic to insect stings and as per study of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology or ACAAI, about 50 thousand emergency room cases have been attributed to insect sting on a yearly basis. You should avoid bees, yellow jackets, hornets and wasps during summer as these ones are sting carriers.

Outdoor Mold

Yet another allergen during summer is outdoor mold. This can usually affect a lot of people towards the end of summer, just right before fall season starts. This culprit should not be disregarded because it can trigger asthma. Nonetheless, you cannot discount that existence of indoor mold may also take place during the hot months and may also trigger summer allergies. It is wise to get rid of moisture in your homes to prevent any allergic reaction.


Many of you may find comfort in fruits when summer time comes especially those that are rich in water content. Take note though that when you are allergic to pollen, there can be possibilities of a cross-reaction after eating melons, celery and apples. You might just feel tingling, swelling and itching in the mouth area due to a situation known as oral allergy syndrome.

Poison Ivy

Like sting, poison ivy is a less common summer allergen but it can trigger life-threatening situations. Exposure to the woods during summertime can expose you to poison ivy and some other related plants that carry an allergen with them. Avoid bushes and stay in open areas to prevent exposure to this.

These allergens can destruct your summer bonding time with the kids. If you feel that you or your child have been exposed to summer allergies, it will be good to have it treated by an pediatric ENT doctor as soon as possible.