Non-Invasive ENT

Not all treatments in the ENT world are invasive. Some are non-invasive in nature depending on the case that needs to be treated. There are cases when a balloon sinuplasty will be recommended as an alternative to the invasive regular sinus surgery given to patients with breathing problems. This one requires no removal of tissue and bone or no cutting at all. Of course, there are yet other procedures that will not recommend too much ‘invasion’ of the ENT part that needs to be treated. Nonetheless, it is important to take note of post-operative care for non-invasive ENT procedures.

Take Medicines According to Doctor’s Instructions

Pain is inevitable in any type of procedure regardless if it is invasive or non-invasive by nature. If you want to make sure you will not have any complications after the non-invasive process, you have to take note that it is important to take pain medications according to your doctor’s instructions. You should not take excessive pain medications.

Watch Your Diet

Diet is important too when you have undergone any non-invasive ENT procedure. You can go back to your usual diet before the operation but make it a point that you eat only whatever the doctor recommends you to eat. If he says do not eat meat for a few days, then you must do so. Restrict yourself from foods that can affect the result of the surgery.

Take Light Activities

At least you must not get involved in excessive bending, lifting, pushing, or pulling. You are allowed to go back to your normal activities at least a day or two after the procedure. You can also exercise if you want but the more strenuous forms of exercises can wait at least a week after you have gone through the non-invasive treatment.

Know What to Expect after

Knowing what to expect after undergoing the procedure will help you recover even faster from it. Bleeding is a part of any process, whether invasive or non-invasive. In the case of the non-invasive types, you can expect bleeding to take place for at most two days after the procedure. You must also take note that mucous drainage is also a normal result of the process. Make sure to refrain from blowing your nose at least 12 hours after the treatment though. Congestion may also be normal for those of you who have undergone a balloon sinuplasty.

Find Comfort When Needed

Comfort can come in different forms when recovering from non-invasive ENT. You may seek the comfort of a loved one who can at least look after you a day after the procedure. Additionally, you can also invest in a product that can make you feel more comfortable like a humidifier to prevent nasal blockage for any non-invasive nasal treatment procedure. Having one by the bedside will surely do you a lot of help. It will also be convenient to visit your healthcare provider two weeks after the process, or depending on the doctor’s instruction to check on the success of the treatment. Never hesitate to make a follow-up too when there is excessive pain, swelling, and discomfort.

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